Malaria life cycle


Malaria Malaria is the most lethal parasitic diseaseof humans, transmitted in 108 countriescontaining 3 billion people.Worldwide, the incidence of malaria isestimated to be 300–500 million clinicalcases with nearly 1 million deaths everyyearThe tropical zone is affected the most. Themost common malaria affected regions areSub-Saharan Africa (accounts for 85% oftotal infection) followed by South East AsiaRegion […]

Pulmonary embolism


EMBOLISM Definition and TypesEmbolism is the process of partial or complete obstruction ofsome part of the cardiovascular system by any mass carriedin the circulation; the transported intravascular massdetached from its site of origin is called an embolus. Mostusual forms of emboli (90%) are thromboemboli i.e.originating from thrombi or their parts detached from thevessel wall.Emboli may […]

Transportation in plants


 TRANSPORT IN PLANT 1. Transport over longer distances proceeds through the vascular system (the xylem and the phloem) and is called TRANSLOCATION. 2. Transport of water and minerals in xylem is essentially UNIDIRECTIONAL, from roots    to the stems. Visit us at – 3. Organic and mineral nutrients undergo MULTIDIRECTIONAL TRANSPORT. 4. DIFFUSION o It […]