PNEUMONIA| Symptoms of pneumonia|causes of pneumonia|pathogen of pneumonia| common cold


          • Pathogen à 

              Ø Streptococcus pneumoniae Bacteria 

              Ø Haemophilus influenzae bacteria. 

         • Infected organ: Alveoli of lungs. 

         • Alveoli of lungs get filled with fluid leading to severe problem in respiration.

• Symptoms: (symptoms of pneumonia)

             Ø fever, chill, cough and headache. 

             Ø In severe cases lip and finger nails may turn grey to bluish colour.

• Source of Infection à 

           Ø By inhaling the droplet/aerosol à released by an infected person 

           Ø by using infected utensils.


           • Causative agent

                           RHINOVIRUS (75%) ; 

                           CORONA VIRUS (25%)

          • Upper Respiratory tract infection à 

        Ø infects the nose and respiratory passage but not the lungs. 

• Symptoms: {symptoms of common cold}

         Ø usually lasts for 3-7 days 

         Ø nasal congestion and discharge, sore throat, hoarseness, cough ,headache and tiredness.

        • Infection spread through by contaminated droplets and objects. 

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